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Bon Appétit Catering at Denison University

Catering Guidelines & Policies

Denison University Catering is proud to provide the highest quality catering to the Denison University community. We have developed the following guidelines and policies to successfully respond to your needs and serve you to the fullest.

Ordering / Advance Notice

Welcome to Denison University catering and Bon Appetit. We recommend placing your order as early as possible through our Catertrax on-line ordering system. While every effort is made to accommodate all catering requests, late orders may slow our operational efficiency and affect menu availability. Late charges occur when catered events are ordered less than 3 business days in advance. These charges will be $25 flat fee or 20% of the total event cost, whichever is higher, with the event with a minimum of $10.00. Example: Monday event- ordered prior Wednesday by 3pm. Tuesday event-ordered prior Thursday by 3pm. Wednesday event ordered prior Friday by 3pm. Thursday event – ordered prior Monday by 3pm. Friday event- ordered prior Tuesday by 3pm.

For catering not paid by the Denison University, a 50% advance deposit will be due 7 business days prior to the event, and the remaining 50% will be due the day of the event at 12:00pm.

For custom menus please call our catering office at (740) 587-6686.

Payment and Billing
Upon confirmation of your event you will receive a copy of the Event Order listing all estimated charges. A copy of the Event Order must be approved no later than 72 hours prior to the event. Final event charges will appear on the final invoice, which is created at the conclusion of the event and is subject to change based on final attendance and additions. All menu prices are based on current market prices. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes and/or substitutions as necessary. Menu pricing will be guaranteed 30 days prior to the event.


Miscellaneous Fees
If needed, equipment rentals, special or extra linen, and floral can be coordinated through the catering office. All events outside of Denison main campus buildings requiring delivery will incur a $20 delivery fee or a 15% service charge, whichever is greater.  This delivery fee is not purported to be a gratuity and will not be distributed to the staff who provided the delivery service. A china charge of $2.50 per person will be applied to any event that is not using disposable service.


External and Outside Events Service Group Fee
External groups that coordinate with Campus Services for meeting and reception space are eligible to use our catering services. An additional 20% service fee to the final bill will be included to account for servers and culinary team members, set up and breakdown, and accounting fees.


A limited number of menu items are available for pick-up at Huffman Dining Hall, thus eliminating delivery and setup charges. Orders must be picked up during normal hours of operation between 7:30am and 7:00pm.


Drop off service includes food table linen and disposable ware. Orders will be dropped off and picked up at the times indicated on your Event Order. We recommend this service for beverage services, continental breakfasts, deli lunches and appetizer receptions.


Buffet Service 
The buffet service is recommended for more formal events with a minimum of 25 guests. We use our own buffet equipment whenever possible. A Rental fee may apply based on availability of equipment.


Passed Service
Passed service is recommended for formal beverage services and appetizer receptions. Beverage and wait staff attendant costs are charged separately based on the needs of each event.


Table Service 
Waited table service is available for sit-down events. The recommended service standard is 1 server for every 12 guests.


Catering prices include a minimum number of service staff based on the level of service: 
• Buffet Service — 1 Attendant per 24 guests 
• Table Service — 1 Attendant per 16 guests 
Labor charges 
Passed Service, or additional service staff if requested, will be billed at $25 per hour for attendant wait staff, chefs/carvers, and beverage attendants. 
A Chef Charge of $25 per hour will be billed for any event requiring a chef to prepare food offsite. 
The above staffing charge is an administrative charge for administration of the function, is not purported to be a tip or gratuity and will not be distributed as compensation to the employees who provided service to the guests.


Special Menus 
Our staff will gladly assist you in making arrangements for any special event. Please allow a minimum of two weeks advance notice for any special order and pricing. Prices may vary based on choice of menu and seasonality/availability of certain items.


Bar Fees
TIPS Trained Bartenders will be required for all Beer and Wine Bars. 
Bartenders will be billed at $100. This fee covers a four hour shift which includes one hour of setup/take-down and three hours of service time. Additional time will be billed at $25 per hour. 
A $2.50 fee will be applied for all host bars (beer &wine) which will include soda, water, and non-alcoholic beverages. 
A $3.50 charge will be applied for a full liquor bars which will includes, soda, water, juice, mixers, and appropriate drink garnishes. 
A 15% service charge will be assessed for any bars outside the 3rd floor of Slater Hall to cover travel, loading and unloading, and accounting expenses based on the final total of each bar charge. 
The above staffing charge is an administrative charge for administration of the function, is not purported to be a tip or gratuity and will not be distributed as compensation to the employees who provided service to the guests.


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